Beach outside the house at sunset
Small Town
Mediterranean Perfection
Sutivan is a green pearl, charming and hospitable,in the west of the island Brač.
Join us here in this harmony of nature and people, and have the holiday of your lives.
Sutivan bicycle heaven

Sutivan people welcome you

Sutivan summer starts with the feast fires of St John (June 23) and a public celebration the following day. A second folk festival takes place on August 16. The summer season features cultural events like outdoor art exhibits and concerts almost every day, while thousands flock to Sutivan for the extreme sports festival “Vanka Regule.” The untouched nature is ideal for the active holiday, from walks in the woods to rock climbing in over 100 marked locations. The weather is so warm that June, September and even May are when you should really visit. The bicycle enthusiast in particular will find Sutivan a dream come true.

Sutivan cove

Sutivan nature welcomes you

Sutivan is, most importantly, an excellent place to relax. Sit in deep pinewood shade and listen to the song of birds and waves. Climb the green hills and watch for shooting stars, or swim into an underwater cave (what a great idea for the kids) and see the light break in through tall cliffs.

Sutivan church

Sutivan history welcomes you

Sutivan blue and green have attracted visitors since ancient times. One major monument is the late Renaissance church of the Ascension, with its lovely Baroque bell tower and Italian Mannerist altar painting. The church of Saint Roche also features art works and votive gifts, and the old cemetery with catacombs is well worth a visit. (If the moon is full, watch out for vampires!) Exploring Sutivan on our complimentary bicycles, you will come across many palaces with rich cultural heritage. We suggest visiting the summer mansion of the Split poet J. Kavanjin, and trying your hand in the chess tournaments in its park. Youngsters are very much welcome at all these sites and activities.