Garden and a view of the villa

Perfect Family Holiday
a Click Away!

Find your ideal holiday rental in our luxury seafront villa. Choose from large suites to compact studios, all richly equipped with modern furnishings.

Beach outside the house at sunset

On The Beach — Far From The Crowds

You will find us in Sutivan on the beautiful island of Brač. You can sail here if you like: the Adriatic Sea comes up to our doorstep. Take a deep breath from our Mediterranean garden, and say goodbye to stress. There is a playground right outside, a sandy beach nearby, lush green pinewoods, and endless cycling trails amid olive groves. Borrow one of our free bikes, go exploring with a map, and find out why most of our guests return every year.

Sea view and garden

Luxury Apartments,
Affordable? Really?

Yes, really! We are a family business — but we live in Split, not on top of you — and our mission is that you join those returning guests and so become our friends. In fact, we hope to have your testimonial ready for next year!

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